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Terminal Illness was the stage name of Terrence Grundle, a now reclusive ex-rapper who probably lives somewhere in Georgia.[1]

Many of his music videos featured wild airborne parties and parties at airports, with Grundle dressed as a pimp/pilot.

This theme would prove extremely successful, producing hit singles such as “Grundle Gonna Get U High” and “Cockpit Booty (Freakin’ on The Runway).”

Grundle, who has had no formal flying instruction, once landed a damaged Boeing 737 while the pilot was incapacitated, saving the lives of everyone onboard.[2]

Notoriously media-shy, Grundle agreed to his only known live interview with Barbara Walters in 1990:

Walters: He’s much more eccentric and pasty than your typical rap singer, and this week he shocked us yet again with an astonishing feat of heroism. Mr. Illness, how did you know what to do when landing the plane?

Grundle: I just love airplanes. It’s an obsession. I had this pop-up book when I was a kid that pointed out the different parts of a plane, and I pretty much just thought about that and filled in the blanks.

Walters: Incredible.

Grundle: People say I’m just a thug, but they wouldn’t think that if they witnessed how knowledgeable I am of aircraft.

Walters: Well, you seem pretty bright to me, sir. Was it fear that motivated you to land that plane, or something more?

Grundle: Well, I was near the back, see, and in a kennel next to me was the most adorable, frightened-looking baby dog.

Walters: A puppy?

Grundle: Well, it was a dog, except it was an infant, so it was way cuter.

Walters: A puppy.

Grundle: Yeah, OK, and it just got me thinking about how every life is precious. And I remembered back on the farm when I was a kid, how much I loved this tiny pink hippopotamus that played in the mud all day, how cute it was.

Walters: How tiny was this hippopotamus?

Grundle: Maybe about three feet long, minus the curly tail.

Walters: That’s a pig.

Grundle: You had one too?

In 1991, Grundle dropped the raunchy persona and released “I’m in Love with my Wife, Vanessa,” a chart-shattering R&B/Rap megahit. The tear-jerking ballad was written about his struggle with television addiction during a time when his wife, Vanessa Ann Grundle, was hospitalized after a near-fatal car crash.

The song ranks No. 2 on Rolling Stone’s “20 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time” (after “Amazing Grace”) and is commonly heard at weddings and graduations to this day[3].

Follow-up singles, such as 1992’s “I’ma Put My Weenah in it,” failed to garner commercial success[4].

Female Chorus: Whatchu gonna do with-with my pussy?
Male Chorus: I’ma put my weenah in it!
Whatchu gonna do with-with my tushy?
I’ma put my weenah in it!
Whatchu gonna do when I lean for a kiss?
I’ma put my weenah in it!
Whatchu gonna do when I bend my elbow like this?
I’ma put my weenah in it!


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  1. Forkfoot

    “I’ma put my weenah in it!” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. The last couple days I’ve been bursting out laughing at inappropriate times whenever it happened to pop into my head.

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